On The Nottingham Princess - 2002



Our first cruise,  on the Nottinham Princess in 2002,  was arranged in response to many members' preference for a smaller,  less formal event than the grand reunions we'd organised before.

This cruise started from Trent Bridge itself,  which meant that we had to find parking on the street.  No problem on the Victoria Embankment.

At the Carvery

There was another party sharing the Nottingham Princess with us:  we effectively had the top deck. 

Lunchon board  was served from a carvery - the food was prepared on shore and brought aboard in heated containers. 

Group 2

Group 1

Because the day we had chosen happened to be the day of a football World Cup match,  our organising committee had organised a portable television so that we could watch the match as we sailed along - even if we didn't want to.  Most of us apparently did - though reception was variable,  to say the least.

Pierrepoint Lock

 The rest of us just watched the view,  and talked a lot.  Plenty of time for both.


Trentside view


Trent 2002 - final group