On the Grass


The Chairman wanted us all to move to the grassy bank outside the hall, for the Reunion photograph.  Eventually, we did ...

... and here's the result. Photo by David Carnell (with an assistant to press the button).

Reunion 2003 Group Photo

You can view an enlarged version by clicking on this image. It will open in a new window: allow at least a minute to load it and close the window when you're done.


The class of '63 did their own group, too.  Photo by Alan Streather,  who knows who they are.

Left to right: Jan Briars (nee Buckler), Sue Dewsbury (nee Cant), Elaine Reed, Hilary (nee Cox), Andrew Gardner (back), Alan Langton (form master in 1965 who taught religious education), Margaret Andrew (nee Simons), Jill Sowerby (nee Dodgson).


Of course, having got us all on the grass, we wouldn't leave it. The groups broke up and reformed like clouds in a lava lamp.


Opinion about the bright red panels on the extensions varied (not many liked them), but the berries on the tree looked lovely.



And here's a photo by Rosemary Lloyd (Dawes) - all the way from Canada.  She knows who they are,  too:  left to right,  Mel Jerome,  Tim Marshall,  Roger Pikett and Ian Reddish.  Thanks,  Rosemary.

Eventually (and much later than planned) we decided to go in for lunch.