On the Grass 

Catering was by Mr. Boscoe (who has a son at the school) and his team.  Being so late coming in,  we must have made things difficult for them,  but they coped very well.

In preparing for the event the Committee carefully decided not to allocate people to tables,  or tables to years,  so as not to cramp anyone's style.  So what happened?

Almost everyone sat with 'Their' year. Here's the class of '53,  with the ex-teacher Anne Pierce (Robinson). 

When I were a lad,  I weren't allowed to read at the table.  But some things change for the better.  Here's some early School Magazines.



The class of '56 were a lively bunch.  They lunched,  they swapped souvenirs ...
They worked the room...
... and like Japanese tourists they gave their cameras to passers-by and posed for a photo or six.  (This snap of mine was a bit off-focus,  I'm afraid.  Miles off,  actually)
Here's some people from class of '55:  Christine Gibson (Gowing),  Glenis Thompson (Wilkinson) and Angela Yates (Reddaway).  Photo by Val Hunter (Coker) - also class of '55.

Another photo from Val -  but she doesn't know who the people are.  On the other hand,  Irene Morley (Moss) emailed to say she does:  left to right,  they're Kieth Turner,  Alison Brothwell (Morely),  Kathleen Harley (Hind),  Sandra Shaw,  Irene herself and Sandie Hall.  All started 1961.

Thanks,  Irene.

and finally from Val,  here's a fine shot of Joe Pykett ('53),  Sue Bell ('55) and Sandra Wilson (Machin) ('58)  with their empty glasses.  The fourth glass must be Val's.  But where is the lady herself?

Here she is  -  leaning on Joe Pykett's shoulder.  That's John Adey ('56) on the left and Sue Bell again on the right.  This photo is by Sandra Wilson.


After lunch,  Allan Ward,  a deputy head at the school,  offered us a guided tour.  Several,  in fact,  to control the numbers.