Here's a review of the 1959 School Play, Twelfth Night.    As I read it, it seemed a little strong.   I wondered who wrote it,  because I was reminded of a television series a year or so ago which impressed me - so much that I can't now remember what it was called.   But it was set around Birmingham and featured school children in the 1970s and their families.   One boy was a writer for the school magazine and was very much smitten by a girl in the other school "who looked like Joanna Lumley of 'The Avengers' " - she did,  too. She appeared as Desdemona in the school production of 'Othello' and he tore her to pieces in his review.   He then worried himself sick at what she must think of him.   Then I turned the page and saw who the author was and it all came flooding back.   But I didn't get any reactions.

Twelfth Night review by Roger Pikett