Winter - selections from the School Magazine

A second selection of items from the earliest editions of the School Magazine,   around the season of Winter and Christmas.    Click a link below to see the item described as a pop-up page (you'll need to disable any pop-up blockers you may be using).   Most items are shown as images,   so they may take longer to load than usual especially if you are using a dial-up connection.   The introductions in italics are of course by me, Roger Pikett.

Selecting by season from those early editions was quite hard to do,  because the writers hated to give any kind of date - a couple of entire magazines was undated.   So I've done some "assuming".

These excerpts appear by kind permission of the present school,   which has a claim on the copyright.   But the authors - most of whom can't now be contacted - have a claim to copyright too,  so if you are one of these and you'd rather not see your work here,  please email us.   On the other hand,   if you're the author and you're happy to see your item here,  we'd love to hear from you:  perhaps there's some background to the piece you'd care to give us,  and we'd love to hear what you've been up to since you wrote or drew the item.  Email

1954 Christmas Entertainment programme

Christmas Eve in Poland 1964

Zofia Iwanejko


poem by Silvana Harvey

Twelfth Night 1959

Review of School Play

White Snow 1964

Poem by Sheila Cupitt

The Fog - 1970

poem by Jane Powell and drawing by Linda Brown

Charley's Aunt - 1972

Review of Staff Play

Owls in Winter - 1972

Poem and drawing by Caroline Nicholson 6LB
'Charley's Aunt' photo