Carnaval (1960)

This piece by Joan Berridge describes a carnival apparently taking place in a French village called "Le Petit Audely"  -  which I can't find on the map.   It seems it's one of two "Audelys" nestling in the shadow of a castle - the "Chateau Gaillarde".    Well,  I'll tell you something strange.   In 1959 I and Joan both took part in an exchange trip to Les Andelys,  on the banks of the Seine,  which is made up of two villages   -   Grand Andely and Petit Andely,  both nestling at the foot of a hill on which stands a Chateau Gaillarde built by our (or rather their) very own Richard Coeur du Lion.   And while we were there we watched a carnival for the Feast of St. Sauveur.   Do you suppose,  by any chance,   the printer swapped an 'n' for a 'u'?

Fête de St. Sauveur (1957)