CLeWS Reunions – Large,  Small and In-Between


1995: Large Scale



1995 was our first reunion in recent years,  and a large one.  Click the panorama for a full  view of the company.  The image will take a while to load – you should allow at least a minute unless you have a broadband connection. Close the window when you’ve done with it.




Was it formal?  In parts.  David had invited the Mayor of Gedling,  and there were speeches.  But we haven’t done that again!







There were informal moments too  (and not just for the camera)







Large – but well organised.  There were ‘assembly points’ for different years to start things off.  And by lunch everyone was mingling happily.  Spot the Wally ...





... see, you can’t!  There weren’t any.







400 of us attended the 1995 reunion and we used several classrooms as well as the hall.  After we had to clear the school it continued informally around several pubs.  A second in 1997 was again held in the school,  but was smaller at around 150 people.   It finished earlier,  because the committee decided to  disappear for a short committee meeting.  Some wallies there,  then,  but they won’t make that mistake again.








2000: Middle Scale








In 2000 we held our third formal (and informal) reunion in Newstead Abbey: conversation (and photos) on the lawns and by the lake,  in bright sunshine … 











... followed by lunch at the White Lady restaurant in the grounds.  With 70 attendees (the restaurant wouldn’t have coped comfortably with many more) it probably counts as a ‘smaller’ reunion:  less daunting to get into if you’re shy,  and chances for the raconteurs (and –euses) ... 







... the class here including master Lee and mistress Kent.  Ike Stamper came too,  but had to leave before this shot.  The Seniors table - but look at Prof’s dark locks!  (Thinks – thanks to JPEG!)


Of course we also had the inevitable Chairman’s Speech – David always begins by apologising for making it,  which counts as a double fault.  









The younger set were there too – John Streather gathers material for Salix:













...  And misses lots on other tables.






2002: Small Scale








The latest example of a small-scale,  completely informal reunion was a lunch-time boat trip on the Trent.  It wasn’t quite as small-scale as this picture implies:  though the date co-incided with some football match or other which kept most of Britain in front of the telly  we filled the allotted top deck and enjoyed a happy lunch while Stoke Bardolph slipped by.  Even on this small scale the reunion attracted people who’d never been to one before.  Unfortunately,  the football followed us onto the boat.  THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.










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