Reunion 2003: Arrivals

School Tour

Here's a gallery of images from the 50th. Anniversary Reunion.  To avoid overloading your system, it's divided into sections - each linked to the previous one (on the left) and the next (bottom of page). Except where credited, the photos were taken by me - Roger Pikett. Only a few of the people in the pictures are named - many people I don't know, and anyway listing them all would take a lot of words .

Early arrivals included (to the right of the picture above) Muriel Kent - the first head of Art, who designed the School Shield. The bike sheds have disappeared, and so have the original tennis courts.

We had enough badges for ex-alumni who booked in advance. A few who came 'on spec' or late may not have had one - sorry.

People booking in - every guest was given a name badge to wear during the event, and (except for guests with no connection to the school) a souvenir badge. This was arranged at a truly bargain cost by Pat Tavner (Taylor), whose daughter runs a business in the USA making them for business conferences.


A 'welcome' Bucks Fizz was served by Val Hunter (Coker) and Rosemary Telling (Palfrey) to every arrival. So of course everyone stayed in the corridor outside the assembly hall, drinking them.