Sending us Material


You can – and we hope you will – send us material to use on the site.  Not just simple messages sent to the Common Room section,  but images,  anecdotes or whole articles for us to feature.  Here are some standards we’d like you to bear in mind.









You can send us documents in a variety of formats,  including,  of course,  simple txt formats and html.  Html pages should not contain any server-side scripting,  applets or active-X controls.


Our standard word processing format is Word 6/95,  but we can also use Word formats up to Word 2000,  Word Perfect 5.x and 6.x and Works 4.0 for Windows.


You can also send us .pdf files,  but make sure we can save and edit them.  If you didn’t create the .pdf file,  we probably can’t.


You can send us documents as email attachments up to a maximum of 500Kb.  If your contribution is larger,  please split it over several emails.


If you want to discuss before preparing it whether your contribution would be suitable,   email the Webmaster first.


Send text,  text attachments or initial contacts to





Images are displayed on our site either in .gif or .jpg (jpeg) format,  normally 75 dpi and no more than about 70Kb.   We use GIF for computer-generated graphics or graphics scanned from artwork such as line art,  watercolours or posters.  We use JPEG for photographs.  However all images are likely to need editing by us before we can post them,  and JPEG is a ‘lossy’ format:  detail is removed from the image to save space.  So a JPEG image degrades every time it is saved – so we’d prefer you to send us images in GIF,  TIFF, JPG or some other ‘non-lossy’ format provided it is smaller than 500Kb.  unless the original you have is already in JPEG format.


Don’t worry too much.  We can accept images in other formats as well:  if we can’t handle yours we’ll get back to you.  Other formats we can handle include  Micrographics Picture Publisher (.ppf),  Paint Shop Pro (.psp),  Corel Photopaint (.cpt),  Kodak Photo CD (.pcd) and PC Paintbrush (.pcx). 


You can also send your image as a ZIP file,  though there’ll be little space saved if the image is already compressed as with GIF, JPG  and JPEG formats.





Real World Objects


We can scan text,  screened images and photographs up to A4 (and beyond,  with a bit of fiddling),  and negatives or transparencies up to 2.25" square.   Of course,  you’d have to get them to us first,  so send an email telling us what you have and how you think you could send it. 





Any material you send us we’d like to be able to include in Salix,  if the editor of Salix chooses.  If you don’t want us to do that please say so.    Material specifically for Salix should be sent to the Editor,  Salix – but if it’s in a format he can’t handle and we can he may suggest you send it here.