Carlton le Willows Grammar School Society


1)††††† Name

The Society shall be known as Carlton Le Willows Grammar School Society.

2)††††† Membership

Membership shall be open to persons who attended the Grammar School as pupils or members of staff between its opening in 1953/4 and its incorporation into a comprehensive school in 1973.

Associate Membership may be granted to other persons who give exceptional help to the Society at the discretion of the Committee. Membership shall be confirmed by entry on the Membership Register and payment of all due subscriptions. Honorary Membership may be granted at the discretion of the Committee.

3)††††† Purpose

The purpose of the Society is to promote and provide social contacts and activities amongst those who attended the Grammar School as pupils or members of staff. Other activities may be supported at the discretion of the Committee.

4)††††† Structure

An elected Committee consisting of Officers and Ordinary Members shall arrange services to fulfil the Purpose and be responsible for any monies assigned to the Society on behalf of the Membership.

5)††††† Officers and Committee

Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Newsletter Secretary.

Five Ordinary Members or more as may be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Members may be co-opted on to the Committee during the year only in the event of the resignation of an elected Officer Member. Officers may form sub committees from the Membership when the.need arises. These persons not to have voting rights on the Committee. Deputy Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer may be elected by and from within the Committee if found necessary to ensure efficient operation during the year. The Committee shall meet at least twice during its year of office, one of these meetings to be held as soon as practicable after the AGM.

6)††††† General Meetings and Elections

Officers and Committee shall be elected annually at the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose by the Committee or at the written request of not less than 20 paid up members of the Society. The Secretary shall give at least 30 days written notice to the Membership of a General Meeting at which elections are to be held.. Only persons who are eligible and are on the current Membership Register and have paid all due subscriptions may vote. General meetings shall consider only the business listed by the Agenda circulated with the Notice. The Annual General Meeting shall be held at intervals of not more than 15 months and preferably in the same month each year. It may be concurrent with a reunion at the discretion of the retiring Committee. The Officers shall report key activities and relevant matters at each AGM. Items for inclusion on an Agenda must be sent in writing to the Secretary at least 2 weeks before the meeting. Items of Any Other Business to be taken at the, discretion of the Chairman.

7)††††† Finance

The Treasurer shall maintain proper records and a bank account oil behalf of the Society and shall present audited accounts at each AGM for the previous financial year. Cheques shall be authorised by at least 2 of 3 named signatories from the Officers, one of whom should be the Treasurer, as notified and agreed with the bank. The Committee may give the Officers discretion to spend individual amounts not exceeding a given limit without prior approval subject to confirmation from the Treasurer that funds are available. The Treasurer shall notify the Committee of any proposed activity which may cause funds to be exceeded. All other payments shall be authorised by the Committee.The Membership fee is to be reviewed annually.

8)††††† Records and Communication

The Secretary shall have overall responsibility for keeping minutes of General Meetings and Committee Meetings and for communications with Members. A bound minute book shall be kept.

9)††††† Membership Records

The Membership Secretariat shall maintain records of names and addresses taking note of legislative data protection requirements, the Purpose and the need to respect Membersí requests for privacy. An annual Membership fee as determined by the AGM following recommendations from the Committee shall be collected to enable appropriate administration and communication with Members. A list of current Members will be made available.

10)††† Newsletter

The Membersí Newsletter shall be known as Salix. The Newsletter Secretary shall be editorially responsible for its content and ensuring that Members and contributors have given or obtained appropriate clearance for copy.

11)††† Social Events

The Social Secretariat shall be responsible for arranging events as approved by the Committee on behalf of the Members.

12)††† Voting and Changes to the Constitution

All voting shall be by a simple majority. A quorum at a Committee Meeting shall be 4 Members, 2 of whom must be Officers and at a General Meeting 2 Officers and at least 8 other Members. The Constitution may be changed by vote at a General Meeting after 30 days written notice.

13)††† Winding up

In the event of the Officers and Committee wishing to close or wind up the Society they shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting for this purpose. Whoever attends the meeting or communicates their wishes in writing shall constitute a quorum.Any monies shall be distributed to charities or donated to the current successor Carlton le Willows School by simple vote at the meeting.

14)††† Latest Revision


Issue 1. Approved at First Annual General Meeting held on 8 Sept. 1996.