Carlton le Willows Grammar School Society

Membership Application 2012


Please complete this form on your computer,  print it and post it with your cheque for £10 made out to C.L.E.W.S to the address below.  Send your form to the Membership Secretary,  Carlton le Willows Grammar School Society, The Willows,  Little Lane,  Calverton, Nottingham NG14 6JU.


Joint subscription is available for partners living at one address at £16 p.a.   Each partner should complete a copy of the form:  send both with a single cheque. 


email for details of the Standing Order arrangement – include your postal address.

* starred details are optional


First Name(s)

Last Name

* Maiden Name

Year you joined School



* Telephone Number

* email address


* The information you provide will be used for Society administration purposes only.  The details will also be published in the Membership List only issued to members and similar information may be published on the Society’s website.   Please indicate below if there are some details you don’t wish us to publish, and in which form(s).


Please enrol me/us  as a member/joint members of Carlton le Willows Grammar School Society until December 31 2012.  I enclose my subscription of £10 (£16).